Daniel R. Ketcham, Real Estate Appraiser

Daniel R. Ketcham & A​ssociates


Services provided include Appraisal  • Appraisal Review  • Consulting  • Easements & Partial Interest • Condemnation & Eminent Domain Valuation • Litigation / Litigation Support  • Retrospective Valuation  • Estate Planning & Accounting • Expert Witness Testimony 

Property Types   
All types of residential properties in Western Nevada County, including single family residences, ranches, apartments, rural recreation homes, and the many other unique properties that are common in Nevada County.         

This property type is one of our practice specialties. Frequent assignments include all types of residential home-sites, rural acreage,
transitional use parcels, timber lands and commercial/industrial acreage.         

All types of commercial and income producing properties.         

All types of industrial and warehouse properties.         

Public/Special Purpose     
Municipal or Public owned properties • Religious & Church Facilities • Schools       

Health and Fitness Club • Racket / Tennis Club         

Forest / Timber • Pasture / Range  • Ranch         

Special Purpose     
Conservation Easements • Right-of-Way, Easements (pipeline, roads, etc.)         

Ownership Forms     
Fee Simple Interest  • Leased Fee Interest  • Life Estate  • Partial Interest